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Non-Surgical Body Contouring

What is Non-Surgical Body Cotouring?

No matter how hard you try with diets and work out routines you may find it hard to get rid of excess fat and cellulite in certain areas.


Unfortunately genetics can get in the way sometimes, this is where laser liposuction comes in handy. Surgical liposuction, is painful but laser fat reduction is painless and can provide better results in hard-to-reach places as compared to regular surgical liposuction.

What is Accent Radio Frequency (RF)?

Radio Frequency body contouring works by increasing heat and blood flow to specific parts of the body which leads to fat reduction and size reduction. 


In addition to reduced size, Radio Frequency commonly referred to as RF, increases collagen production. The increased collagen reduces skin wrinkles and creates a smoother and tighter look. 


Radio Frequency can also lead to reduced Cellulite and stretch mark. Cellulite is a sign of reduced blood circulation in certain areas of the skin, a symptom easily removed by RF treatment.


Overall, RF increase collagen which firms and improves laxity. Your skin will receive healthier circulation and a better look.

Body Measurements


  • Better results in hard-to-reach places

  • No downtime and no bruising compared to other traditional procedures

  • Causes collagen retraction and growth as a result of the heat from the laser

  • Less looseness in the skin that’s often associated with liposuction

  • Non-invasive procedure 

  • No anesthesia or numbing cream required

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