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Alexander G.

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This place is amazing. I definitely had my reservations coming in (about laser hair removal in general, and pretty much the whole process). The first thing to note is (a) it works incredibly well and (b) it doesn't hurt at all. I did waxing once and it was a miserable and painful experience that lasted less than two weeks. I have just finished my fifth or sixth session here and pretty much zero hair is growing back in the spots we've been hitting. It's wild! I also wanted to make sure to point out how amazing Mary is. She really makes the whole process easy, fun, and simple. She's a so sweet and incredibly funny. I've always had a great time whenever I come in--something I never expected would be possible for laser hair removal treatments. This place is a hidden gem. If you're thinking about doing laser hair removal, definitely check this place out. A+ experience here

Beverly Hills Laser Clinic

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415 N Crescent Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Mary's laser hair removal equipment is simply amazing and something I wish I had done years ago. Being a working professional and new mom, my time is limited and not having to think about shaving or waxing is such a relief.  I am currently in the middle of six sessions for my legs and my hair is probably 90% reduced.  When I initially called to discuss the procedure, Mary mentioned it was painless which I did not believe however, it really is and I find every session relaxing.  Other pros - easy to get Saturday appointments and parking is available under the building.

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